Table for Five is now The Brazen Broad.

You may remember my blog Table for Five or know me on social media as table4five. That’s still me, but now so is The Brazen Broad, at least as far as blogging is concerned.  I’ve tried everything I can to get WP to release my blog to me. Because I didn’t keep the email with the activation key that I got 9 years ago, I can’t prove it’s my blog, even though there are photos of me and my family on it.

My first domain was, which is now a food blog.

The domain name expired while I was in the hospital in 2014, and someone else bought it. At least it’s also a food blog. I don’t want it back, self-hosting turned out ct. to trigger all of my OCD and perfectionism. I’d spend hours making themes and headers and buttons and such, only to change my mind and tear it all up a month later.

I originally blogged from 2005 to early 2012, when I quit to focus solely on fixing my marriage. I had let the business of blogging become a higher priority than my family, and I knew I had to walk away completely or I’d get sucked back in. I realized once the noise in my head quieted down that I had let blogging consume me. Emails at all hours of the night, neglecting household responsibilites for the possibility of earning a few more dollars. What I was bringing in wasn’t coming close to being worth what it was doing to my marriage and my relationship with my kids.

I’m ready to try again. When I’m passionate about a topic, I need somewhere other than Facebook to post paragraphs of thoughts. I don’t think being a blogger today is any different than 4 years ago, at least I hope not. I hope the blogging world has room for just one more 🙂